diamond & cbn grinding wheel for bi-metal band saw blades top 12a2/20° 125X20X3.6(1.8/1.8)X6

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dimensions: 125X20X3.6(1.8/1.8)X6

Grit:           D151/D54                D126/D46                      D64/D36

Usage:       resharpening          manufacturing           high-end Bi-Metal Band saw blades



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Diamond wheels for top bimetal band saw blades

Two kinds of diamonds are used to extend the life of the grinding wheel while ensuring the finish.

Improve the blade clarity of the bimetal band saw.

One-time molding to reduce errors in secondary loading and unloading.

Diamond wheels for bimetal band saw blades. CBN for metal band saw blades.

When using this kind of grinding wheel, the bimetal band saw blade can ensure that the whole circle jumps within 0.05-0.1 mm, which greatly improves the accuracy of the bimetal band saw blade, thereby achieving high performance of the product.

Because the cutter head has many small teeth, both types of diamond wheels are used for new or secondary grinding. Overall improve the product error, which is well received by customers.

After using the band saw blade for a period of time, you will find that it is not sharp, and it will burr during processing. At this time, it should be re-grinded. If it is not re-grinded, it will seriously affect the service life of the saw blade and increase the loss of the diamond grinding wheel. Necessary wear and tear, causing unnecessary waste.

When processing the band saw blade, please pay attention to the amount of grinding, 0.1mm is reasonable, and it will affect the accuracy after being exceeded (the actual loss shall prevail)

Use the grinding wheel to see the detailed introduction below

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Please customize the diamond wheel according to the following
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