Centerless grinding wheel

Centerless grinding is an OD (outer diameter) grinding process. The centerless grinding wheel is used for peripheral grinding of workpieces .

Type: 1A1, 6A1, 9A1

Application: cemented carbide bars, Polycrystallin

1.Product NameDiamond Centerless Grinding Wheel,Diamond grinding wheel,Resin Diamond Gridning Wheel,Centerless Grinding Wheel,alloy grinding wheel



Main features:

1.efficient batch external grinding

2.high roundness and cylindricity of workpiece and good consistency of dimension

3.good surface finish after fine grinding

4.used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding

mainly used for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics , magnetic material, stainless steel bar compositives.


1.kibble sharp cutting, high production efficiency.

2.fine grinding workpiece surface roughness

3.the workpiece sizes consistency good

diamond grinding wheel for Grinding, finishing and polishing of cemented carbide, glass cutting and grinding tools, magnetic materials, etc.

CBN grinding wheel for Precision grinding and polishing of various kinds of steel, such as bearing steel, stainless steel, carbide steel and tools, die steel, etc.

Resion-bonded Grinding efficiency is high and self-sharpening is good. It is mainly used for semi-finishing, finishing and polishing, but not for heavy load grinding.

How to choose the grit

Rough GrindingD301-D151


Precision Grinding:D46/D20

Polishing Grinding:D20-M0.5

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