Saw blade grinding

With the popularity of multi-blade saw machines, the quality of the saw blade directly affects the processing efficiency and production cost of sawing. During the use of the saw blade, the quality of the grinding will affect the quality of the saw blade again. Its importance is self-evident. At present, many wood mills do not pay enough attention to this. Although some manufacturers pay enough attention, there are more problems in the grinding due to the lack of relevant professional knowledge. Today we will tell you how to properly sharpen the saw blade.

The first is the judgment of when the blade should be sharpened, ie when the blade should be sharpened.

First, judging from the sawn wood surface, if the surface of the wood board cut by the new saw blade is smooth, there is no obvious fluff, and the problem of misalignment of the upper and lower saws. Once these problems occur and no longer disappear, they should be sharpened in time;

The second is to judge according to the sound of sawing. Generally speaking, the sound of new saw blades is relatively clear, and the sound of the saw blade is dull when it should be sharpened;

The third is to judge according to the working power of the machine. When the saw blade should be sharpened, the machine will increase the working current due to the increased load;

The fourth is to determine how long to cut after grinding according to management experience.

The second is how to properly grind multiple saw blades.

At present, multi-blade saw blades generally only choose the grinding front angle. The correct grinding method is to keep the original angle of the saw blade unchanged, while keeping the grinding surface parallel to the welding surface of the saw blade, see the following figure:


Many manufacturers grind the saw blade into the following shape: !!!

eg aw

Both of these methods change the original angle of the saw blade, which is easy to cause the sawing time to shorten after grinding, and even cause the saw blade to deform and burn the blade;

So you should pay attention to when grinding

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Post time: May-19-2020

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