PCD Saw Blade Series

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PCD Saw Blade Series.
PCD tipped tools is suitable for processing of manmade materials such as partcleboard, MDF, laminate flooring, various plastic and non-ferrous metals.
PCD Saw Blade Series
PCD Cutting Tool Series.
PCD Wood Saw Blade Series.
PCD V-Cutter series
PCD straight bit series.
Grinding Saw Blade Series




PCD saw blades used for PCD cutting. Diamond tipped for enhanced usage life and a smoother operation.

PCD Cutting Tools Primarily used for cutting of non-ferrous metals such as super-hard alloy, aluminum alloy, bronze and non-metals such as wood, plastic glass fiber and acrylics

PCD Saw Blade PCD saw blades used for MDF, PB wood cutting. Diamond tipped for enhanced usage life and a smoother operation.

PCD V-Cutter Manufactured in parts to ensure maximum conformability of the blades’ diameter and kerf, and also a more accurate v-groove cutting on the pcb.



Our strengths:

Guarantee1: Advanced production line Germany vollmer grinder, Germany gerling tip soldering machine, trumpf laser cutting machine.

Guarantee2: Excellent materials sks51 from Japan, 75cr1 from germany, ceratiziet carbide tip from luxemburg, laser cutting.

Guarantee3: Technology conducted by germany expert, our quality achieve the standard of germany DIN54 DIN8033.

Guarantee4: Advanced Management mode, strict quality control system.

Guarantee5: Professional service team, fast delivery time.

 Order notice:
1. What product to process
2. Processing equipment
3. The outer diameter, inner diameter, tooth width, steel plate thickness and number of teeth of alloy saw blade.

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